S41 status

Landmarks Specialist College

  • Specialism: 
    Learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, behavourial difficulties
  • Residential/Day: 
    Day provision only
  • Course Start Dates: 
    Courses start in september and throughout the year
  • Course Length per Year in weeks: 
    38 weeks
  • Maximum Student Numbers: 
    Maximum number of students 80
  • Age Range: 
    Age 16-25 (full time) and 16-60 (part time)

General Description of College:
Landmarks is a non-residential College in Eckington, Sheffield meeting the needs of people with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders and behavioural difficulties. We provide a small, supportive and challenging environment to enable learners to develop their independence, work-related and social development skills, using practical and realistic contexts in which to learn and work.

The Curriculum:
Independence, functional skills and personal and social development and transition are an integral part of all our learning programmes. We offer highly individualised programmes in a range of subjects including animal care, land-based and traditional arts and crafts. Learners participate in work experience placements, community trips and visits and a wide range of enrichment activities. Learning in all subjects is accredited through a variety of nationally recognised qualifications up to level 2.

Specialist Facilities:
Speech and Language therapy.

Occupational therapy.

Dyslexia support.

Challenging behaviour expertise.

Working farms provide practical and real contexts for learning. Purpose built small animals, pottery and floristry studios. A variety of community based learning and teaching facilities.


  1. expertise in meeting the needs of students with moderate learning difficulties
  2. expertise in meeting the needs of students with severe learning difficulties
  3. expertise in working with students with autism spectrum disorder
  4. expertise in supporting students with behavioural difficulties
  5. expertise in working with students with communication difficulties
  6. a specialised land-based curriculum
  7. a range of vocational courses with opportunities for accreditation.
  8. opportunities to improve literacy, numeracy and/or communication skills
  9. opportunities to improve Information and learning technology skills
  10. a personal development programme
  11. a programme to enable students to learn more about themselves and how to form relationships
  12. opportunities for students to participate in community activities and to learn about citizenship
  13. a programme to help students to look after themselves more independently
  14. an occupational therapy programme
  15. specialist training to enable independent travel
  16. opportunities to develop strategies to promote appropriate behaviour
  17. opportunities to experience real work situations
  18. opportunities to prepare for work after college
  19. opportunities to prepare for further training after college
  20. opportunities to explore a range of living options after college

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