Children & Families Act: Information for Young People and Families

The Children and Families Act 2104 is now law!

There is a lot of information about the Children and Families Act and the changes it brings in. The Act and the Code are over 330 pages long!The most important things for young people and families to know about are:

Education, Health and Care plans

You can find more on our website here:

There is a leaflet here:

And a video here:


Corey says 'The SEND reforms aim to create a more fluid and inclusive system of support'

The Local Offer

This is produced by each local authority and describes all the services available to children and young people with learning difficulties or disabilities who live in that area. It includes organisations such as specialist colleges that are outside the area too. It also covers services that will help young people as they become adults and wish to live more independently or find support to get work.

There is a leaflet here:

And a video here:

Katy says 'The SEND reforms will make the child the priority'

New rights for young people

Young people from age 16 have new rights about their EHC plans. These are:

  • the right to ask to have an assessment for an EHC plan (which you can do at any time up to your 25th birthday)
  • the right to have your say about the content of your EHC plan
  • the right to have a particular college named in your EHC plan
  • the right to ask for a Personal Budget for some parts of your EHC plan
  • the right to appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (SEN and Disability) if you are not happy about your EHC plan

This leaflet by the Council for Disabled Children says a bit more these new rights for young people:

And there is a video here:

Kiatipat says 'The SEND reforms will bring professionals together to work with the young person'

Getting the support you need

If you want an Education Health and Care Plan, you can get some help from specially trained Independent supporters. There is a list of the organisations providing this support here:

This tells you a bit more about their role:

The National Parent Partnership Network has changed its name to The Information, Advice and Support Services Network (IASS Network). There are local Information Advice and Support (IAS) Services across England. You can find out what they do, and the nearest one to you, here:


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