Residential specialist colleges – a bridge to adulthood

Natspec, the membership association for organisations which offer specialist provision for students aged 16 to 25, has submitted its response to Lenehan Review of Experiences and Outcomes in Residential Special Schools and Colleges.

We firmly believe that for some young people, residential education represents the best post-16 or post-19 option, if they are to get the preparation they need in order to lead fulfilling adult lives. Students and parents/carers value highly the education and support our colleges offer, and the positive impact they have on their lives.

We have gathered evidence from a variety of sources, including previously commissioned research and surveys, Ofsted and Care Quality Commission inspection reports and a wide range of documentation submitted by our member colleges. We have also sought the opinions of the young people themselves.

  • Download a pdf of Natspec’s response. Please note that the video links are not live as young people’s permission was sought only for the inclusion of their videos as evidence to the review team.
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